Pain management can become particularly difficult with the stress of the holiday season. As your schedule becomes hectic, or the common cold descends, or the emotion of family reunions dominates, the following techniques and services can minimize pain and change the way you move and feel. Don’t let the stress of the season keep you from enjoying your daily activities. Easy, comfortable movement can be yours again. Read on for simple techniques you can take on the road to keep your muscles and joints feeling good.

Keeping yourself loose and relaxed is essential to muscle and joint health. Simple stretching, strength exercises, balance and flexibility should be your focal points for keeping yourself feeling good through the holidays and beyond. Remember to make sure your muscles are warmed before engaging in any of the above. Know your limits and don’t push your body unnecessarily. With dedication and consistency, you will gradually loosen points of tension and build your flexibility. Whether it is your back, arms and shoulders, legs, hips, feet, or other muscles and joints, develop a routine that allows you time to stretch and strengthen yourself each day.

Sometimes, however, your body’s pain will require more attention. Even once injuries have healed, pay attention to your body. If range of motion or stiffness impede your daily activities, or if pain returns, it may be an appropriate time to consult a physical therapist. When discomfort is more than seasonal stress, and pain defines your mood and your activities, another course of action is necessary.

Physical therapists in Brooklyn offer multidisciplinary approaches to pain treatment and prevention. From physical therapy to pharmacological pain management and minimally invasive spine surgery, solutions are available. You, too, can live pain free once again