In the midst of the Christmas rush, most people don’t take the time to think about the wear and tear the holiday season has put on their bodies. It may sound silly to some, but the holidays are one of the most likely times to suffer a back injury of some kind.

Think of it this way…a great deal of back aches come from being over-stressed. Your muscles get tight and cause discomfort. Surveys have shown that one in five people get stressed out during the holiday season. More than that, pain management services tend to see more clients around the first of the year than any other time.

Aside from the stress the holidays can cause, there are also some unexpected strenuous activities your back goes through…some of which we often don’t even think twice about. So as we head into Christmas, consider the following.

See a Chiropractor

For starters, if you have been suffering from back pain, no matter how minor it may seem, you should see a chiropactor or other pain management specialist. This will save you the misfortune of aggravating the injury even further and spending the holiday season in pain.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

This may seem like a stretch (no pun intended) but before bringing out the Christmas lights and decorations, do some stretching. Treat the hauling of those boxes and bins like any other exercise and plan accordingly.


This one is for the ladies. When you’re shopping for those gifts, try to keep an equal amount of weight in each hand; try to balance the weight of whatever shopping bags you are carrying so you don’t place too much on one side of your body. Also, for those long walks through the mall, wear nice comfortable supportive shoes.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Whenever possible, order heavier gifts online to prevent unnecessary lifting. Pain management expert would like to remind you that the movers of these companies do this for a living and are trained to help with such things.

If you’ll be traveling a long distance for your Christmas get-together, takes breaks at convenience stores or rest areas. Get out, move around and stretch. This ensures that your back won’t start to cramp or spasm from remaining in a seated position for too long.

If you can follow these tips, your Christmas should be pain-free and void of any unnecessary stress. Always plan accordingly and, more than anything, allow yourself to enjoy your time with family and friends.