At Pain Management Physicians in Brooklyn, you will find a wide range of pain management treatments that help our patients enjoy lifestyles that are both healthy and pain-free. We take a comprehensive, customized approach to treating pain. Our goal is to use the most advanced technologies and find the treatments that are most effective for every patient.

What We Do

Pain Physicians NY specializes in multidisciplinary, minimally invasive pain treatment, including pharmacological pain management and chiropractic procedures. Dr. Lipnitsky of Pain Physicians NY has developed some effective protocols and techniques for treating even the most severe skeletal and neuromuscular conditions.

Advanced Clinical Data and a Comprehensive Approach

Patients can receive in motion physical therapy from true professionals who work with them on a one-to-one basis. Pain Physicians NY’s physical therapist use the most advanced clinical data and a comprehensive approach to their treatment to prevent injury, eliminate pain, and help patients become as fully functional as possible.

At our Brooklyn pain clinic, patients are treated as individuals with their own set of goals, and our rehabilitation programs have been created to help every patient reach those goals. Above all, we are focused on developing healthier lifestyles for healthier patients.

What We Believe

Because advance pain management requires a multidisciplinary approach, our healthcare professionals work as a team, providing a variety of services for patients who suffer from chronic and/or severe pain. As pain management physicians, our goal is to manage, reduce or relieve pain, and to improve the patient’s quality of life. This is accomplished with minimally invasive techniques that are used to diagnose and treat the patient’s painful condition. Our interventional pain management services also enable patients to resume their normal activities without relying heavily on the use of medication.

For more information about Pain Physicians NY or to schedule an appointment, call (718)-998-9890.

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