Only individuals who suffer from chronic or debilitating pain can truly understand what it is like to live with these medical conditions. The loss of joy and overall quality of life creates emotional and psychological pain that rivals the actual physical pain. But it does not have to be that way.

The doctors at Pain Physicians NY can successfully treat patients with chronic or debilitating pain using a procedure known as Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA). Our doctors use MUA to treat conditions such as:

  • Pain associated with failed back surgery
  • Sacroiliac syndrome
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Disc disorders
  • Adhesive capsulitis (aka, “frozen shoulder”)
  • Joint calcification
  • Pelvic and hip pain
  • Even excessive scar tissue due to multiple injuries or trauma

In MUA, doctors administer a light anesthetizing medication to the patient. According to Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky of Pain Free NYC, the best rated pain management clinic in New York, “This allows the physician to quickly and painlessly complete procedures that were once much more painful.” Dr. Lipnitsky adds that treatments administered during MUA can often drastically improve or even completely restore range of motion. The ultimate goal of MUA is to restore the maximum range of motion possible in both the spine and joints, and overall increased mobility and reduced pain is a nearly universal result.

This is because MUA works by breaking up adhesions that have formed in muscles near joints or around nerve roots. Once this has been achieved the patient is seen for a followup to determine a rehabilitative routine designed to rebuild the surrounding muscles. This treatment plan has proven to be more effective and longer-lasting than other conventional treatments.

According to Dr. Lipnitsky, specific benefits of MUA include:

  • Releasing scar tissue and adhesions, particularly surrounding spinal joints caused by either prior injuries or previous surgeries
  • Relief of pain caused by damaged intervertebral discs
  • Stretching of shortened muscles, tendon and ligaments
  • Improving range of motion for joints in the spine, pelvis, and extremities

Despite the extraordinary short and long-term benefits of Manipulation Under Anesthesia, many people who suffer from chronic pain are only just learning about this treatment option. This is surprising, as MUA has been an effective and proven treatment in use since at least the late 1930s. There are over 70 years of definitive case study and direct application of this successful treatment. Not to mention thousands of happy, pain-free patients. Because of this record of success and the availability of shared information, the MUA procedure is undergoing a resurgence in popularity.

Are you a candidate for MUA?

Many chronic pain sufferers are ideal candidates for Manipulation Under Anesthesia and do not even know it. These individuals could be living a virtually pain-free life, but are simply not aware of MUA or its benefits.

What makes a person a good candidate for MUA? In general, patients who opt for MUA are suffering from specific neck, mid-back and low-back pain as well as certain spinal conditions. These patients have previously received more traditional pain management or elimination care for approximately 6 to 8 weeks, yet have seen very little or no improvement in their condition.

Because not all patients will qualify for Manipulation Under Anesthesia, contact Pain Physicians NY for a consultation to see if you can be an MUA candidate. Do not suffer a day longer. Contact Pain Physicians NY at (718) 998-9890.

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