Therapy. It is one of the worst catch 22s for anyone suffering from pain. Particularly, exercise therapy. You stopped working out because you are in pain, but now you feel stiffer, more painful. But working out never seems to help. It just makes the pain ever more unbearable.

This is because most exercise machines are engineered to wear out, to stretch and to mold muscles. These machines force the person exercising to work within its perimeters. The person has to adjust or suffer the painful consequences. For most people, this can be as simple as moving this or sliding that, just finding a position that works the best. However, when you are in chronic pain, adding more pain to the menu just doesn’t seem worth it.

Pain Physicians NY has good news for anyone suffering with pain. Particularly, those for whom exercise is a viable pain treatment scenario. It’s called the Kinesis Machine.

The Kinesis Machine 

The Kinesis Machine is the latest entry into the fast growing “functional fitness” market. This segment of the health and fitness market focuses on preparing your neuromuscular and skeletal systems to be able to manage the stress of exercise.

Kinesis machines are specifically designed to exercise the body in a way that is most comfortable for the individual working out. They are designed to work with your body, not against it. Because of this, Pain Physician NY is finding great success in using a Kinesis Machine in the medical pain management treatments.

Kinesis Machines include four separate modular exercise stations:

  1. A closed-circuit cable system that allows users to reduce the interference between the workout cable and the body, particularly when doing pushing exercises. The Kinesis Machine version consists of handles and cables that adapt to various body types.
  2. The double weight stack is controlled by a pair of cables, each working independently. This feature is designed to provide greater freedom of movement and in selecting exercises that achieve the ideal workout load.
  3. The 3-D pulley system includes a system of pulleys that rotate a full 360 degrees. This allows the user to move without cable interference while maintaining resistance during all body movement.
  4. The incremental resistance feature of the Kinetics Machine gradually increases the resistance as movement amplitude increases. This feature can be used to change the resistance during an exercise without changing the weight load.

When applied together under the care and direction of a licensed pain management professional, the Kinesis Machine allows individuals to complete a workout in a way that not only avoids pain, but can, in many cases, gradually eliminate pain altogether. This technology is more than good news for those suffering from chronic or debilitating pain, it is a quantum leap forward in the effective treatment of pain symptoms.

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain, don’t wait, contact our offices today.

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