At some point in our lives, everyone will experience back pain. For some, it may just be sore muscles or twinges of pain here and there. For others, it can become a chronic and life-altering pain that takes control of everyday life.

Back pain is just another one of those things that must be dealt with as old age sets in, but there are several preventative measures everyone can take to ward it off and to keep it at a minimum. Your award winning, the best rated Brooklyn chiropractor at Pain Physicians NY recommends the following exercises to make sure your back is always at its strongest. These are exercises you can do at home, on your own — so there is no reason to not be able to go through with them.

Daily Stretches

Remember  how the teacher in pee wee sports or gym class how always made you stretch before beginning exercises? This is a practice that we should carry through our lives. Stretching loosens up our muscles. This is especially important for our legs and backs, because warming up our muscles through stretching makes them less prone to tearing or strains.

Even if you are perfectly healthy, have no back problems, and sit at a desk all day, introducing stretches into your morning routine can help prevent back pain. And if you are sitting at a desk all day, stretching is a great way to prevent that lower back pain that some office chairs have been known to cause. Keep your stretches smooth and relaxed and try to take at least five minutes of each morning for stretching exercises.

Wall Slides

Wall slides are a great exercise because they are used by a wide range of people—from bodybuilders to patients in physical therapy. The point of a wall slide to get your abdominal muscles to support your spine while walking or even just standing. It can correct posture along the spine and, over time, can help to ease back pain.

To perform a proper wall slide, you need to place your back flat against a wall. Then, bend your knees and allow your back to slide down the wall, remaining straight the entire time. The slide your back up the wall again, extending you knees and walking your feet back towards the wall. Once you’re comfortable with the exercise, see how long you can hold the position while your knees are bent. The important key here to always keep your back straight. It may help to suck in your belly to prevent your back from arching.

Taking a few minutes each day to perform these exercises is a great way to keep your back (and other muscles) in shape. If you’d like to know more ways you can prevent back pain at home, visit Pain Physicians NY a consultation with a pain management specialist.