Most people think of the holidays as a time to relax and unwind. But for those of us that have had to get out the christmas lights, the decorations or the tree, we know that there can be quite a few headaches during the holiday season. More than that, with all that unpacking and heavy lifting, there stands to be a good chance of some back pain as well.

If you’re looking for some lower back pain relief this holiday season, here are three simple yet effective tips to ensure that you have a pain free holiday. So enjoy the festivities, but stay safe as well and follow these suggestions.

Be Mindful of Your Weight

You might want to start working on this one at Thanksgiving before you enjoy that third helping of stuffing. When you climb that ladder to string the lights up on your roof, those extra pounds are going to be felt in your knees, back, and the ladder itself. If you have put on a few extra pounds since last Christmas, be sure to exercise and stretch before you start lugging those lights out of storage and certainly before you start using ladders.

No Repetitive Movements

One thing physical therapy specialists all agree on is that any sort of repetitive movements are not good for your back. This includes an act as simple as stringing lights on the higher parts of the tree or bracing them down to your roof or gutters. As a matter of fact, something as harmless and sitting hunched over gift wrap while wrapping presents can cause back pain, particularly for those that have suffered from it in the past.

Limit the Heavy Lifting

Whether it’s presents, decorations or a tree, you need to try to limit the amount of heavy lifting you do. When you absolutely have to lift something heavy, do so with your legs and not your back. Keep your back straight and push the weight up with your legs instead. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your family would much rather be slightly inconvenienced than have you in pain for Christmas.

Any pain clinic is going to offer the same helpful tips to make sure you enjoy the holidays with your family. However, if you have suffered from back pain in the past and have any questions regarding back pain relief, or even spine surgery, contact Pain Physicians NY today.