With spring right around the corner, fitness-minded folks across the country are getting ready to welcome warmer weather. Before the swimsuit season hits, they’re gearing up and working out to get fit. Active adults are eager to tone up the flab they may have accumulated over the winter, and show off some muscles.

However, the pressure to get fit before spring hits may result in overdoing it on the treadmill or weight machine. This time of year, many Brooklyn pain management doctors see more new injuries or exacerbated old ones. Instead of easing into a vigorous workout schedule, overly ambitious people go out on the biking trail for a 10 mile ride or attempt a 5K before they’ve had a chance to train for the race.

Brooklyn pain management specialists can offer some advice on preparing to get back in the fitness saddle without straining your body. After all, if you do suffer an injury, your workout routine will be delayed even further. You might be anxious about toning up those muscles quickly, but a better approach is to ease into exercise over time. It’s also important to allow your body to rest in between workouts so that your muscles have a chance to repair. Not only is this good advice to remain injury-free, it’s also a more effective way to build lean muscle tissue.

As such, pain treatment centers recommend easing into a new workout routine. Start off by focusing on cardio and getting your heart ready for more strenuous activity. Based on a weekly schedule, do a fast-paced walk for 25 minutes on days one and two. Take day three off, then walk 35 minutes on days four and five. Day six, you should rest on cardio again, but incorporate a weight workout. A few reps to engage different muscles in your arms and legs would be a good start. Also, work on your core muscles with some plank formations taken from yoga poses. On day seven, do a walk/run for 30 minutes: stroll at a medium pace for 3 minutes, then run for 2 minutes. Repeat this interval until you hit 25 minutes, and then cool down.

Following these tips, you can avoid injury while preparing your body to take on more fitness challenges in the following weeks. You don’t want to set yourself up to fail by overdoing it too quickly. You’ll just end up sitting on the couch and popping aspiring, regretting that you didn’t take the time to ease into an exercise routine.