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At Pain Physicians NY (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan NYC) hip flexor strain pain management doctors and specialists effectively treat all grades of hip pain. 

For over 20 years our hip pain relief doctors and specialists offer the most advanced hip flexor strain treatments. Our specialists use the latest advancements and current technologies in hip flexor strain pain rehabilitation. Currently, aside from traditional treatments, we offer the latest PRP and Stem Cell Therapies to relieve pain. Stem cell therapy for hip flexor strain is one of the best treatments available.

What Is a Hip Flexor Strain?

Hip Flexor StrainA hip flexor strain is an injury affecting any of the hip flexor muscles that leads to pain in the hip region. This group of muscles is responsible for facilitating the movement of the legs by transferring movement from the lower abdomen. An iliopsoas is a muscle group that connects the pelvis to the femur. When it contracts, it enables the knee to bend towards the chest.

These muscles may become torn due to repetitive movement or excessive strain. The extent of the damage will depend on the cause of the injury, which can be minimal, causing a slight tear or extensive, leading to a rupture of the muscle. The extent of the damage varies. So do the symptoms, ranging from mild and discomforting pain to severe and debilitating pain across the hip.

What Causes a Hip Flexor Strain?

Injuries to hip flexor muscles are most common in sports such as football and running short dashes. The repetitive straining of these muscles during a game or practice session can lead to minor tears of the muscle. A more significant tear can happen when you suddenly contract the muscle from a stretched position. This can be seen when a football player makes a very powerful kick. An injury can be sustained if you did not have adequate warm-up and stretching.

Besides sports injuries, you can have slight tears to your hip flexor muscles if they are weak. When you make sudden contractions of the hip or perform rigorous exercises you can injure your muscles. Direct trauma, lap seat belt during an accident, can also cause the problem.

What Are the Symptoms of Hip Flexor Strain?

The main sign of a torn hip flexor muscle is the pain, but this pain will vary depending on the extent of the damage. The pain is usually felt along the front of the hip and sometimes radiating down to the thigh.

A slight tear can cause mild pain that is simply uncomfortable. Most of the time a cramp causes you to limp while walking. Or the muscle may be completely torn, causing severe pain and swelling of the hip and thigh. In these cases, it will be difficult to walk and the area may even become bruised.

What Is the Treatment for a Hip Flexor Strain?

Managing these injuries does not require clinical attention but may instead be done by the individual at home. The first step is to cut down on movement and rest as much as possible. In mild cases, compressing the area with ice wrapped in a towel for a few minutes twice a day can speed up the recovery. For severe cases, the individual may need pain relievers to become comfortable, and most of them are available at a local pharmacy.

After the pain has subsided, it is important to exercise and lower the recovery time, but this has to be done slowly. Begin by performing simple stretching exercises and gradually increasing the intensity of activities. Jumping head first into physical activity at the first sign of recovery may cause the injury to re-open and take back the progress made.

Most hip strains will heal within a few weeks to a couple of months, sometimes with only regular rest. However, what comes afterward is the most important part. While the pain may be gone, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woodwork, you should still limit activities carried out around the affected area for a few months. Also, remember to stretch adequately before performing any exercises. Stay away from any kind of sport while you are healing as it can just make your situation even worse.

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