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VulvodyniaWhen a woman experiences pain in the vulvar region, the condition is described as vulvodynia. The condition affects the vulva, the external female genital organs including the labia, clitoris and vaginal opening. Pain can affect either one particular area or can spread to multiple points, causing pain.

Causes of Vulvodynia

The exact cause of the condition is still unknown, and researchers are working hard to try and identify the reason for the pain. However, there have been suggestions the condition may be linked to genetics, immunology and even diet. Other possible causes of the problem may be:

  • hormonal changes
  • nerve injury and irritation
  • hypersensitivity to yeast infections
  • allergies to certain chemical substances
  • abnormal response to infection or trauma by the vulvar cells

Even though the cause is unknown, vulvodynia has been noted to occur in women around all ages from teenagers to the elderly. It is also a very common problem, affecting millions of women at any given time, but the absence of a known cause makes it harder to treat.


The main sign of vulvodynia is pain, although the pain can present in various ways. Some women can have pain on a single part of the vulva, while others will experience pain around the entire vulvar region. The pain can also have varying intensities from one woman to the other. The type of pain, too, can vary, with some women experiencing a sharp pain while others having a burning sensation.

Regardless of how the pain presents itself, it can be a very clear sign of vulvodynia. In some cases, the pain can be constant, while in others it can be intermittent and experienced in intervals. Still, some may only experience pain when the vulvar region is touched or pressed, which makes certain activities painful such as sitting or riding a bike.

Just like haemorrhoids, vulvodynia is a somewhat sensitive condition and many women may be embarrassed to talk to their doctor about it. This is why some women experience the pain for years without getting any medical help.

Types of Vulvodynia

Generalized vulvodynia – when the pain experienced affects various vulvar regions at different times. The pain may occur consistently or intermittently, and touch doesn’t seem to cause it but pressure may exacerbate the pain

Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome – pain particularly at the entrance to the vagina. This type of vulvodynia is usually triggered by pressure such as during intercourse and is characterized by a burning sensation in the region

Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis for vulvodynia is primarily based on the description of the symptoms since there are to tests. Nevertheless, for a positive diagnosis to be drawn, the symptoms must be present for more than 3 months.

Unfortunately, there is also no treatment for the condition, but various medications are available that help the affected women by relieving pain and making them more comfortable. Examples of such medication are local anaesthetics like lidocaine and topical oestrogen creams.

The most important solution is self-care which involves measures that avoid potential irritants such as chlorine in pools, shampoo, scented toilet paper and soaps, detergents for washing clothes and even foods that make urine more irritating like chocolate and berries.

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