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At Pain Physicians NY (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx NYC) we provide a full range of different medical treatments for patients suffering from acute and especially chronic pain. A large team of pain management doctors, physical therapists, and marijuana doctors work together, to provide you with the necessary relief. Our Brooklyn Interventional Pain Management specialists are best in the region. 

Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain ManagementInterventional pain management is a discipline of medicine which tends to diagnose and treat pain-related disorders. It is a multidisciplinary approach in order to provide a full range of different medical treatments for patients suffering from acute and especially chronic pain.

The goal of our interventional pain management physicians is to reduce, relieve or manage your pain, improving this way your quality of life and making you able to perform daily tasks just as you used before. Minimally invasive techniques are specifically designed to correctly diagnose and treat your pain – related disorder.

Living with chronic pain and finding the right treatment is tough. Many different treatment options and medications are recommended or even tried out, sometimes providing no relief at all. However, interventional pain management can help you cope with your pain.

Interventional pain management vs pain management

But, what makes the difference between interventional pain management and other pain management treatments? Interventional pain management uses different techniques for treating and relieving pain or to directly indicate at the source of pain such as:

  • Injections including diagnostic and therapeutic injections
  • Pain pumps
  • Radiofrequency rhizotomy
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery


Injections, commonly known as nerve blockers are widely used worldwide. Medications like steroids or opioids are injected directly into the painful area, providing immediate relief. In order to get the right benefit from these injections, usually two to three injections are recommended. If the first injection did not provide any relief at all, you should probably avoid having other injections. Common injections are:

Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation is a type of neuromodulation. A stimulator is implanted together with an electrical lead in order to send electrical impulses directly to the affected part of the body which leads to chronic pain. Electrical stimulation is a treatment option recommended only in cases when other treatment options have failed to provide the necessary relief.

Pain pumps

Pain pumps also known as intrathecal pump implants. These pumps tend to provide relief as powerful medications are administrated directly to the source of pain. Pain pumps are mostly used for treating cancer pain, as well as when a neck or back surgery has failed.

A pump is implanted under the skin, which is then programmed to deliver a specific amount of medication needed. Pain pumps need to be refilled every few months. Usually, pain pumps are recommended when other treatment options have failed to provide the necessary relief.

Radiofrequency rhizotomy

Radiofrequency rhizotomy is a medical technique that involves the use of a needle with an electrode at the tip, guided by an X-ray. The electrode at the tip of the needle gets heated, temporarily blocking the ability of the nerve the send messages of pain to the brain, providing pain relief. This technique can sometimes provide pain relief for about 6 to 12 months.

Common Medical Conditions for Interventional Pain Management

Some of the most commonly treated medical conditions with interventional pain management are:

If you are one of many Americans suffering from chronic pain and who had tried until now many treatment options that haven’t provided relief for a long period of time, we have the solution for you. We do know that living with pain, especially chronic pain is a challenge, affecting your quality of life and your ability to perform daily tasks.

Treatment Options

Marijuana Treatment For Chronic Pain

If you experience chronic pain including back, neck bone pain and haven’t found lasting relief through more conventional pain treatments, medical marijuana treatment offered by our doctors may be right for you. Call medical marijuana doctor Boleslav Kosharskyy MD of Pain Physicians NY with locations in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Bronx NYC to help you determine if medical marijuana treatment is right for your pain.

Our Philosophy

Pain Physicians NY provides a full range of advanced pain management services to help our patients return to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. Our comprehensive approach to pain care is individualized, and we are committed to providing the most effective treatments and utilizing the latest technologies for each patient.

The most advanced pain management clinic, Brooklyn pain management doctors and specialists at Pain Physicians NY offers a unique, individualized approach to manage your pain. We are using the most effective Interventional Pain Management options and utilizing the latest technologies available in the USA.