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Our Brooklyn Physical Therapy specialists and & Chiropractors are the best in the region. We were selected to be a part of the international medical team for the Rio Olympic Games. 

“My goal is to provide a fundamentally new form of innovative and personalized chiropractic rehabilitation care, helping patients to achieve and live a pain-free life. My job is not only to relieve pain and maximize the function of the body but also to teach patients how to maintain it. Proper exercise and various modifications of daily activities combined with some dietary changes and homeopathic/natural supplements will help the body heal and maintain all structural relationships that are critical for normal body function”

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation - Pain Physicians NYBrooklyn physical therapy specialists, as well as doctors at Pain Physicians NY, are true professionals who work with each patient on an individual basis, use a comprehensive pain treatment approach and the latest clinical data to prevent injury, restore lost function, eliminate pain and help each patient achieve their goals of returning to full physical function. Each patient in our clinic is treated as an individual with specific goals and rehabilitation programs are designed to have each patient achieve their goals. We focus on a healthy lifestyle and a healthier you.

Some of the treatments we use in our office:

Lower Back & Pelvis Exercise

Upper Back, Neck, Shoulder Exercise

Sport Injuries and Rehabilitation

Pain Physicians NY - Injuries and rehabilitationThe physical therapists at Pain Physicians NY are athletes themselves who understand the human body well and will help you regain your mobility, restore function and prepare each patient to a return to the sport they love. Training and rehabilitation need to be sport-specific and that is the approach taken at Pain Physicians NY.

Post-Operative Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Post-operative therapy and rehab is critical for a patient to return to full function after surgery, it needs to be thorough, timely, and specific to each individual and their goals and mobility levels. The physical therapists at Pain Physicians NY work closely with the surgeon and patient to provide the most comprehensive post-operative care and have each patient achieve their mobility goals. Some common surgical procedures we rehabilitate are:

    • Total Knee ReplacementsPost Operative Rehabilitation
    • Total Hip Replacements
    • Shoulder Reconstruction
    • Spinal Fusions
    • ACL & Meniscal Reconstructions
    • Orthoscopic Surgeries
    • Ligamentous and Tendenous Reconstructions
    • Open Reductions and Internal Fixations

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Geriatric Rehabilitation12.9 percent of the US population are 65 years and older, these numbers are growing rapidly, by the year 2030 the geriatric population will reach 19 percent. The geriatric population has special needs and need specific care and the physical therapists at Pain Physicians NY understand this. We want to prevent falls, increase safety, increase function and independence in society. We set up programs and individual treatment plans to help each patient achieve their goals and resume safe and quality living.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation at Pain Physicians NYStrokes are a complex condition that can usually be characterized into three types: ischemic stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage or subarachnoid hemorrhage. The physical therapists at Pain Physicians NY are specialists who know the difference and will provide individual, comprehensive stroke rehabilitation to restore function. No two patients are alike before a stroke and so no two patients are alike post-stroke, remembering this is key to achieve rehabilitation goals.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Neuromuscular disorders are complex and vast, including Parkinson’s disease, stroke, paraplegia, myotonia, hypertonia and many others. These conditions often come upon quickly and take over a patient’s life, the physical therapists at Pain Physicians NY understand this, with experience and the desire to help restore function and teach independence we work very closely with each patient to achieve the best results.

Kinesis One

Kinesis One RehabThe use of Kinesis One equipment for medical and rehabilitation purposes is a powerful technique for those who are recovering from injuries or have limited mobility. These single stand-alone units offer a broad range of doctor-approved exercises and routines. Kinesis One not only works efficiently by stabilizing muscles during each movement, but also on the ability to move freely through a full range of motion. Besides balance and flexibility, Kinesis One improves strength and provides a pleasing and effective fitness experience that produces real results.

Biomechanical Assessments

Biomechanical Assessments - Pain Physicians NYMobility is essential for life and ambulation is a vital component of this. Whether it is ambulation, ambulation with an assisted device, ambulation via wheel chair from injury or structurally, our professional physical therapists are up to the task of evaluating deficits and working with patient’s to improve their movement.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy - medical massageManual physical therapy massage and manual therapy has healing powers that have been used as a source of rehabilitation for hundreds of years. Used and incorporated into many of our treatment plans, the physical therapists at Pain Physicians NY, are professionals in this rehabilitation skill and use it to treat sports injuries, break up post-operative scar tissue and restore function.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping - Pain Physicians NYThe physical therapists at Pain Physicians NY are professionals in the art of taping and strapping and use Kinesio tape to help treat sports injuries, prepare athletes for play, prevent injuries from further trauma and speed up healing.

What Are You Looking for in Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy & RehabilitationJust because a person cannot see your pain, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. We see patients every single day that may look as though there is nothing wrong, but on the inside — in the muscles, bones, and joints — it feels like their body is on fire. If an injury or illness has in some way affected your physical well-being, then partaking in physical therapy at Pain Physicians NY may be the first step on the road to recovery, and they last step won’t be nearly as painful.

We don’t keep our heads buried in papers and forms. We won’t learn everything there is to know about you and your injury by reading through your file and questionnaires. Instead, we will get to know YOU. Although asking you how intense your pain is on a scale of one to ten can be helpful relative to your own recovery, that only tells us a little piece of the puzzle.

There is no cure-all exercise, so how else would we know how to treat you other than understanding your pains. We want to hear from you. You know when and how your body hurts. We want you fully engaged in your physical therapy so that you can internalize the methods and ideas which will in turn keep you healthier and pain-free. And isn’t that precisely the point? Nobody knows how your body feels better than you, we just know how to make it feel better.

The reason we take so much time figuring out precisely where the trouble is, is because we treat the individual, not just the injury or illness. In order to get successful results, physical therapy needs to address any underlying factors that may be contributing to your pain.

We understand the amount of trust and hope you are placing in our hands, and you can be sure that we do not take the responsibility lightly. Our team of professionals have dedicated their lives to helping others lead a pain-free lives. Our physical therapists are not out of touch, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Using the latest techniques and technologies, our professionals are always on their A game and will help you get on yours. Don’t give up on the things you love in life because of your aches and pains. Meet them head-on. It may take some time, dedication and hard work from the team and from you, but together we can set you on the course for a pain-free life.

Throughout the years, Brooklyn chiropractors has developed unique pain treatment techniques and protocols that combine his advanced eastern European manual therapy skills with his diverse experience in chiropractic rehabilitation medicine to treat some of the most challenging neuromuscular and skeletal conditions. Our Brooklyn pain specialists and chiropractors are best in region. We were selected to be a part of the international medical team for the Rio Olympic Games.