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Back Anatomy

At Pain Physicians NY (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx NYC) our specialists offer advanced groundbreaking treatment for back pain including spine injections, nerve blocks, PRP, stem cell therapy for back pain among latest cutting edge procedures. Our back pain treatment facility equipped with the most advanced equipment available in the USA.

Pain Physicians are internationally recognized as one of the best back pain management specialists and doctors in Brooklyn, NYC. 

Back Pain

At some point in life, people have problems with their back. It is well known that lumbar pain is one of the most common symptoms for which people go to a back pain doctor and require medical help. Pain in the back is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It affects people of both genders, all races, and ages. However, young people are most affected.

Some people are at a higher risk of having back pain, regardless of the underlying cause. Risk factors for back pain include:

  • Being overweight,
  • Being over the age of 30 or 40,
  • Bad posture,
  • Lifting heavy things,
  • Improper lifting,
  • Having a job that requires lifting heavy things, twisting or bending over constantly,
  • Having a job that requires spending a lot of hours in the office, seated at the desk in front of the computer,
  • Lack of exercise, etc.

As the human back is a complex structure, in many cases it is hard to determine the real cause of back issues. Pain can even radiate from other parts of the body into the back.

According to the research on “Back Pain” published on NCBI, up to 23% of the world’s adults suffer from persistent lumbar pain, with an annual recurrence rate of 24% to 80%. The lifetime prevalence in the adult population can be as high as 84%.

Types of Back Pain

An accurate assessment of the patient’s condition is essential for effective pain management. Before starting back pain treatment in Brooklyn, our specialists assess what type of pain has led to your back disorders. There are several different types of pain, such as:

  • Mechanical: It is the most common pain type and is often related to intervertebral disc problems and damage to the spine or soft tissue.
  • Degenerative: Generally associated with vertebral compression fractures, arthritis of joints, degenerative disc condition, and spinal stenosis.
  • Inflammatory: This is often caused by rheumatologic disorders such as Ankylosing spondylitis, which is a part of the acute inflammatory process.
  • Oncologic: Possible causes include spine injuries, marrow cancer, bone fracture, or nerve compression syndrome.
  • Infectious: It may be provoked by muscular/soft tissue wounds, or spine and disc infections.

Don’t wait! Get help!

Back problems as the leading cause of disability and missed work have so many forms, which makes it necessary for you to consult a back pain specialist. It is very important to determine the underlying cause of your problem, as well as the right treatment method for you. In most cases, just a change in your lifestyle, and over the counter painkillers are enough to solve your problem. However, in severe cases, the treatment for back pain may consist of massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, injections as well as surgery. Back pain doctor of Pain Management will gladly assist you in diagnosing and finding the best treatment for you.

Home back pain remedies and self – care which includes bed rest, ice packs, heat and even over the counter painkillers are recommended first by our lower back pain treatment doctors and spine specialists. If, within the first two weeks your pain in the back is not getting better or if it is getting worse you should get professional medical help from the team of back pain doctors of Pain Management.

Some of the most common medical conditions associated with severe backache, for which people require medical help include:

For over 20 years our spine doctors in Brooklyn offer the most advanced back pain relief treatments. Our spine specialists are using the latest advancements and current technologies in back pain rehabilitation. Currently, aside from traditional treatments we offer the latest PRP and Stem Cell Therapies to relieve pain in the back. Stem cell therapy for back pain is one of the best treatments available.


Why Does My Back Hurt?

Once you decide to get help from our back pain specialist, the right diagnosis is necessary. Diagnostic procedures available in our pain clinic include:

  • X-Rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Discography
  • Nerve blocks

The goal of our back pain specialist is not to start the medication immediately and provide you with pain relief for your back. For our back doctors and spine specialists, it is very important to start by finding the underlying cause of your pain. Once the right diagnosis is made, the best pain treatment is appointed.

What is Acute Back Pain?

Acute back pain lasts no longer than six weeks if treated correctly, while chronic back discomfort may last for weeks, months and even a year. Chronic back pain tends to reoccur, interfering with your daily life.

Regardles of the underlying cause of your back problems, you don’t need to suffer. Instead, you should come and get the right medical help and acute back pain treatment. Stop your lower back pain as soon as possible and get back to your daily life.

Keep in mind that you should seek immediate medical help from our spine doctors to receive back pain treatment in cases when:

  • A fall or injury which caused back problems
  • Numbness and a tingling sensation in one or both of the legs
  • Back pain that tends to spread down the leg
  • Pain that does not respond to home treatment, self – care and over the counter painkillers
  • Acute back pain that is lasting longer than two weeks
  • Severe back pain that tends to get worse as the days pass by
  • Back pain which is accompanied with abdominal pain
  • Back pain accompanied with high fever
  • Unexplained weight loss

You should also see our spine specialists and get back pain treatment in cases when:

  • Diagnosed with osteoporosis
  • Have had or have cancer
  • Use steroids
  • Abuse with drugs
  • Abuse with alcohol

How to Relieve Back Pain?

At our pain clinic in Brooklyn NYC, some of the best pain management specialists in the country will treat you. What is the best necessary treatment for back pain will be decided and determined for you personally, based on your condition, signs and symptoms, the results of the examinations and your overall health in general. Various back pain treatment options can be suggested, like: physical therapy, medications and injections.

What are the most common causes of back pain?

Back pain is a broad subject with a big variety of etiologies. The pain is normally caused by strain and problems with back structures. Other common back pain causes include:

  • Trauma
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Fractures
  • Malignancy
  • Loss of nerve function at the lower spinal cord
  • Disc issues
  • Bacterial infection of the spine
  • Kidney infection

If you want to receive high-end treatment and service, you should definitely visit our pain management clinic.

How to diagnose back pain?

If you have problems with your back, it is highly recommended to look for medical assistance. Our back pain specialist brooklyn ny will perform a physical exam and determine the severity of the problem. In more complex cases, a pain specialist can also take blood and urine tests along with X-rays and computed tomography.

What is chronic low back pain?

Chronic lumbar pain is a type of pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks. People who suffer from acute lumbar pain are prone to developing chronic low back pain.

An experienced team of our back pain specialists in Brooklyn, NY will develop a unique treatment plan for you to successfully treat your back issues.

Are there any complications of chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain typically brings a number of complications. These can include nerve damage, loss of work because of disability, weight gain, depression and disruption of sleep patterns. If you have a feeling that your chronic pain limits your ability to function properly, schedule an appointment with our top-rated pain medicine doctors.

Does back pain have an effect on my blood pressure?

Yes, back pain is known to have a negative effect on cardiovascular health. Our pain relief specialists emphasize on the fact that there is a link between chronic pain and hypertension or high blood pressure. Make an appointment with our pain management doctors in Brooklyn, NY and receive the best treatment plan.

How to easily find the best Brooklyn back pain doctors near me?

If you are looking for the best back pain doctors, you should not wait any longer and call our most advanced pain clinic in NYC. Our top-rated specialists will offer personalized pain management plan aimed to address your back pain.

What to Expect After Backache Treatment?

Our pain physicians generally make a prognosis relying on the main cause of your pain. Keep in mind, the therapy results may vary due to a certain type of sore back treatment. The majority of pain cases improve and do not impair the patient’s quality of life. However, oncologic pain may have a different impact and require prolonged treatment compared to generic pain.

Make Your Pain go Away

There is no need for you to suffer in silence. Together with the help of our back pain doctor and pain management specialists, you can make your pain go away and return to your normal life, free of pain. With the right back pain diagnosis and the best treatment plan, you will be back to your daily routine with minimal downtime.
Non – invasive treatment is recommended first, before surgical treatment is even considered.

The most advanced pain clinic in NYC. Our pain management doctors and specialists at Pain Physicians NY offer a unique, individualized approach to manage your back pain. Our back pain doctors and specialists are using the most effective pain management and treatment options including electrical nerve stimulation, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy, nerve block, and utilizing the latest technologies available.

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