Rehabilitative workouts and exercises are some of the most important components of recovering from a physical injury. In fact, many doctors now recommend extended rehab workouts with professional rehabilitation therapists to help disabled people regain function after an injury. As a result, the professionals here at Pain Physicians NY work with patients everyday using the Kinesis Rehab Protocol to help them regain function and ability. Using the Kinesis One, we have been able to help many patients overcome common ailments and disabilities, and we can help you too.

Benefits of Kinesis One 

The Kinesis One is a workout machine and system that uses zero-impact exercises to assist in allowing the body to regenerate certain muscle and nerve function. In our professional setting, out patients are able to use the Kinesis One workout system to help their bodies relearn basic muscle movements, and many of our patients have also gained the benefits of weight loss from the Kinesis One.

When using this system, we offer our clients the advantage of total body movement and transformation, and no matter what your fitness level is, our system can work for you. Using a mixture of balance, strength and flexibility, the Kinesis One offers 360 degrees of total movement, and many of the exercises our clients perform using the Kinesis One system allow for regenerative effects.

In addition, the Kinesis One can even take the place of an expensive personal trainer. Used regularly, the costs of the rehabilitation and physical therapy services of the Kinesis One can pay for themselves, and you won’t have to deal with the scheduling of a professional at a gym. We offer the Kinesis One and the services of our medical professionals because we want our clients to live the best lives they can.

Whether you are recovering from an illness, an accident, a disease or any other type of debilitating cause, we’re here to help. Many people who are seeking the services of a pain management clinic in New York turn to Pain Physicians NY, and we’d like for you to be our next success story. Our goal is total patient satisfaction, and we work hard to help our clients not only overcome their pain, but also to eliminate it for good. If you would like to know more information about our use of the Kinesis One system, or if you or a loved one have more questions regarding disability rehabilitation or pain management, please give us a call today.