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If you are like most Modern Musicians, you have aspired to be a star since you were a child. The idea of throngs of fans knowing all the words to your songs and screaming as you walk on stage to a sell out crowd is why you get up every morning. (The potential for groupies doesn’t hurt either). The dream of going from the dive bars or Manhattan and Brooklyn to selling out Madison Square Garden is what drives you.

Obviously, you know this sort of stardom takes dedication and hours of practice. Not to mention paying your dues in bars, clubs and smaller venues around the country. The music business is getting more difficult to break into everyday. With the collapse of record labels, the paradigm shift from CD sales to digital sales, the difficulties of booking a tour, nothing short of full commitment will make it possible.

If your band is just starting out you have surely suffered the disappointment of small bar shows with small crowds, less than desirable promoters, selling tickets and the unending task of getting your music out to potential new fans. If your band has begun embarking on tours then you are no stranger to the rigors of touring. Sharing a small van with 4 or 5 other guys on a daily basis can be one of the most mentally and physically challenging tasks you will ever take on.

Musician's injury treatment - Pain Physicians NYWhether you are touring or just doing weekend shows, the physical labor demanded of you is tough. Loading your heads and cabs from the van to the backline, setting up merch tables, loading off after the show are just part of the routine. Unless you are Bon Jovi, in which case you have not lifted a piece of equipment since 1989.

If you are a full time touring band, you know doing 150+ shows in a different city every night is beyond exhausting. With the exception of a lucky few bands, roadies are not included on tours anymore. Every night you are going through the heavy lifting and labor routine before the show even starts. Then you have to suck up any pain you may be dealing with and go put on an amazing show.

Suffering an injury or chronic condition can be one of the biggest obstacles standing in your way to stardom. Some of the most common musician injuries are repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve entrapment and spine conditions. This does not disclude you getting injured when you try to jump off that 10 foot speaker stack into the crowd and no one catches you. (We have treatments for that, too.) But most musicians ailments are brought on over time as a result of the toll your instrument takes on you physically.

Musicians who experience carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injuries often adjust their techniques to accommodate the pain, which can cause an injury in another area. However, Pain Physicians NY has devised specialized protocols that minimize your time spent treating your injury and maximize your relief. These musician specific protocols not only treat the injuries you have already sustained but also prevent new injuries from occurring. In this section, we will give you helpful tips and common conditions that affect musicians. This initiative was developed by Pain Physicians NY and Daniel Goldberg, a 10-year veteran of the music industry. Daniel spent several years touring as well as on the Management and Label side of music. Understanding all aspects of what musicians were forced to endure physically is what led to the development of this program.

If you are experiencing any of these conditions please contact us so we can help.
“If you, or someone you love, is suffering from any of these conditions please contact us. At Pain Physicians NY we are experts in treating injuries in musicians and performers. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to accurately diagnose and treat your pain. Our goal is simple: GET YOU BACK ON STAGE!”

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