If you’ve ever had to move, you know the headaches involved. The high cost of movers, along with the extreme stress when dealing with irresponsible movers can compel almost anybody to make attempts at moving furniture themselves. But everything that is involved in a move, from moving vans to boxing up your belongings and more, can really add up. Whether you’re moving to another town or just rearranging your living room, there are a few potentially dangerous factors that often get overlooked.

While moving your own furniture is a great money saving alternative, you need to make sure your body can handle the stress of lifting heavy items. Even if you have opted to make a small “moving party” out of it and have friends and neighbors help, moving your own furniture doesn’t come without some risks. It is important to know proper lifting techniques to save your back from injury when lifting heavy furniture.

Tips and Techniques for heavy lifting

In order to prevent spinal compression and back strain, the first step in safe listing is to know your limitations. If the object is too heavy or bulky to comfortably lift on your own, be sure to ask a friend for help. If you are absolutely sure you can lift the object safely on your own, start the lift as close to the object as possible, kneeling on the floor. Never lift from a standing position or with your knees locked. Not only can this cause back injury, but can also cause one to pass out from heavy strain.

Next, be sure to breath, holding your breath can also cause lack of oxygen to the brain. This combined with straining to lift can cause one to temporarily lose consciousness. Before you stand, rest the object on your knee and use that knee as your primary weight bearing knee as you stand. Make sure to utilize your core muscles, as well as your leg and arm muscles rather than lifting from your back. This can be very difficult to learn to do, so again, if the object is too heavy, ask somebody to help. Also be sure to squat to put the item back down, rather than bending at the waist or kneeling.

Of course, we all overestimate our abilities sometimes. If this is the case and you are injured while lifting heavy furniture, be sure to check out Pain Physicians NY in Brooklyn to help you recover as quickly and as fully as possible. Pain treatment in Brooklyn is only a phone call away and can ease your pain, teach you how to manage your pain without heavy medications, as well as continue to offer support and treatment for as long as needed after your injury occurs.

Again, it is always a good idea to check with a pain management specialist if you are having back pains or are planning to move. Save yourself pain and trouble and check with them ahead of time.