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Throughout the years, Brooklyn chiropractors has developed unique pain treatment techniques and protocols that combine his advanced eastern European manual therapy skills with his diverse experience in chiropractic rehabilitation medicine to treat some of the most challenging neuromuscular and skeletal conditions. Our Brooklyn pain specialists and chiropractors are best in region. We were selected to be a part of the international medical team for the Rio Olympic Games. 

My goal is to provide a fundamentally new form of innovative and personalized chiropractic rehabilitation care, helping patients to achieve and live a pain-free life. My job is not only to relieve pain and maximize the function of the body but also to teach patients how to maintain it. Proper exercise and various modifications of daily activities combined with some dietary changes and homeopathic/natural supplements will help the body heal and maintain all structural relationships that are critical for normal body function

Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Chiropractic RehabilitationThe function of the human locomotor system is to produce motion and maintain stability. Specific human performance and functional deficits are part of the de-conditioning syndrome which accompany the transition from acute to chronic pain.

Integrating Passive and Active Pain Treatments

Chiropractic rehabilitation embraces a continuum of care integrating passive and active pain treatments. The goal of rehabilitation is to improve the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments so as to achieve a positive effect on the entire locomotor system.

By finding the key muscle imbalances adjustments last longer and go easier. Appropriate exercises should not hurt, but should instead be performed in the “functional range,” which is painless and appropriate for the task at hand.

Recovering From an Injury or Accident

When it comes to recovering from an injury or accident, movements do matter. The key to a successful and fast recovery is doing the right kind of exercises at the right intensity by a well trained professional. Chiropractic rehabilitation is a great option combined with other treatment options recommended by your doctor. With the help of necessary rehabilitation exercises you will speed up the recovery and get back to your daily routine and life with minimal downtime.

Chiropractic rehabilitation is proven to help you recover faster and better from an injury or accident.

Do I need chiropractic rehabilitation?

Have you recently had an accident or you got injured? Do you have a friend or a family member who is dealing with pain? If, your answer is yes than you, your friend or someone from your family can benefit from chiropractic rehabilitation.

Normally, the function of the human locomotor system is to maintain stability and to produce motion. However, due to accidents, different types of injuries or even diseases, our body does not function normally, often feeling severe pain while moving or performing other daily exercises. Acute or even chronic pain may occur, often accompanied with other signs and symptoms.

Why spend days in pain? You can always get the help of an chiropractic professional. Chiropractic rehabilitation includes passive and active pain treatments over a continuum care. The goal of the rehabilitation is to achieve a positive effect on the locomotor system by increasing the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments. With the help of the right exercises and treatments you will be pain free quickly. Normally, these exercises should not hurt. They should also be performed within a normal functional range, providing no pain for you while exercising.

Why is chiropractic rehabilitation recommended?

With the help of a professional and well trained chiropractic, you can:

  • Reduce or even totally eliminate the pain, inflammation, muscle spasms or scar tissue
  • Overcome any muscle weakness or even enhance muscle tone
  • Increase the range of motion, flexibility and strength
  • Restore movement
  • Speed up the recovery time.

How necessary is Chiropractic Rehabilitation?

Length of chiropractic rehabilitation

The length of chiropractic rehabilitation needed depends on your health condition and your level of pain. Usually, people tend to think that once the pain starts to ease there is no need for a longer treatment. Sometimes it is even hard to find the right time during a day for chiropractic rehabilitation. However, it is important to remember that rehabilitation is more than managing pain. Often, exercise and treatment for a longer period of time is recommended as many of the injuries or pains treated took time to develop. A certain amount of time is needed to strengthen, lengthen and retrain the muscles in order to fully treat and remain pain free.

Stick to your rehabilitation plan

With the right chiropractic rehabilitation performed by a well trained professional you will be able to reduce the pain or even totally eliminate it. However, keep in mind that in order to speed up the recovery, stay healthy and prevent recurrence in the future, you will need to stick to your rehabilitation plan, do the exercises on time and as scheduled, strengthen the muscles, improve joint immobility as well as improve the flexibility.

Mix of stretching, strengthening and joint mobility

Your chiropractor will recommend and teach you certain types of techniques and recommended exercises. Usually, a mix of stretching, strengthening, joint mobility and self-myofascial release exercises, are recommended. Take your time, be consistent and listen to your body and your chiropractor. It will take some time for you to feel better and free of pain again.

Throughout the years, our physical therapy specialists has developed unique pain treatment techniques and protocols that combine his advanced eastern European manual therapy skills with his diverse experience in chiropractic rehabilitation medicine to treat some of the most challenging neuromuscular and skeletal conditions.

The most advanced pain management center, Brooklyn pain management doctors and specialists at Pain Physicians NY offer unique, individualized approach to manage your pain. We are using the most adavances chiropractic rehabilitation technics and innovations.