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  • One of the worst times in my life was three years ago experienced severe lower back pain. I'll make a long story short, I had herniated disks. It happened while I was fighting,which I still do up to this day. I was wrestling with a guy who was a little heavier than I was. I picked him up and I underestimated him. Basically, I ended up the wrong way and he ended up falling on top of me. When the next morning when I woke up, I couldn't move -- it was just horrible, I thought my world was ending because I live such a healthy and active lifestyle...
  • After having gone through 2 shoulder surgeries in one year with very little success, a friend of a friend told me about a doctor Reyfman for pain management. I made an appointment with Dr. R. and the rest is history. I have my sanity back along with a shoulder that feels good. All I can say is, I have the...
  • After my car accident I was left with massive amounts of back pain and minimal mobility of my left shoulder. Thanks to Dr. Reyfman and the rehab program at Pain Physicians NY my shoulder has completely healed and my back no longer aches while I sleep. I feel so blessed to be able to get back to being my athletic...
  • It was like a miracle. The staff at Pain Physicans NY worked with me to ensure that my neck pain was actually fixed, and not just masked with prescription medication.

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Leonid Cherniak, DO - Pain Physicians NY
Leonid Chernyak, DO

Interventional Pain Management

Leon Reyfman, MD - Interventional Pain Management
Leon Reyfman, MD

Interventional Pain Management

Justin Mendoza, MD - Pain Physicians NY
Justin Mendoza, DO

Physical Medicine / Rehabilitation

Arkady Lipnitsky, MD
Arkady Lipnitsky, DC

Chiropractic / Rehabilitation

Igor Netis, PT - Pain Physicians NY
Igor Netis, DPT

Physical Therapy

Anna Fyodorova, PT - Pain Physicians NY
Anna Fyodorova, MS, DPT

Physical Therapy

Vicente Caisip, PT - Pain Physicians NY
Vicente M. Caisip, PT

Physical Therapy

Dr. Anatoly Meerovich
Anatoly Meerovich, MD

Regenerative Medicine Specialist & Musco-skeletal Conditions