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When it comes to addiction recovery, it can’t happen too soon. If you or a loved one is experiencing consequences from substance abuse that you’re not able to handle on your own, then drug addiction recovery through an experienced drug treatment center can provide the guidance and supervision you need to get off and stay off drugs for good. Drug recovery begins with detoxing your body of the substance you’ve been abusing, followed by individual and group therapy, introductions to community support and continued long-term relapse prevention tips. You don’t have to risk drug induced psychosis recovery when you have a team ready to help at Pain Physicians NY.

Addiction recovery comes in many different forms to treat a host of varying substances. Real recovery doesn’t even begin, however, until you stop taking the substance to which you’ve become addicted. At the same time, drug addiction recovery also entails refraining from using any mind or mood-altering substances.

Many people report that relapse occurs because they try to replace their drug of choice with another drug, only to fall back into their old ways eventually. Others, such as those in 12-step drug recovery programs, believe that only complete abstinence constitutes addiction recovery.

Begin with Rehabilitation

An excellent place to begin the journey that frees you or your loved ones from the grips of addition is through addiction treatment centers, such as Pain Physicians NY. In Brooklyn, an outpatient rehab can provide all the necessary medical and psychological support you need to kick your habit for good.

Whether you require close medical supervision to prevent drug induced psychosis recovery as you start the detox process, or you just need someone to whom you’re accountable while you taper off the drugs, the team at Pain Physicians NY has the tools to help you on your way to a new life free of drugs.

Find Help for Your Needs

It often helps to meet with a team of addiction recovery specialists with experience working with the substances you’ve been using. Additionally, when you finally begin drug addiction therapy, individually and in groups, working with others who know what you’re going through can be an enormous help.

Find a Brooklyn drug addiction recovery program with experience in:

Relapse prevention plays a big role in many addicts’ experience with drug recovery, another reason why you want to seek drug addiction recovery from a team experienced in the types of substances that you abused. At Pain Physicians NY, you can expect tailored treatment plans for:

Staying Safe and Healthy

When you first decide to get clean, you know in the long run, you’ll have to repair some of the broken relationships and other consequences that your addiction caused. Talk to a medical professional trained in drug recovery.

Some substances — such as most opioids like heroin and methadone — can be weaned out of your system over a relatively short period time. The process may make you uncomfortable, but it doesn’t put you in any serious danger. Other substances — such as many prescription drugs and alcohol — can lead to drug induced psychosis recovery that is in fact life-threatening.

While you may not want others to know about your withdrawal efforts, you shouldn’t attempt to detox from certain substances on your own. Even those drugs that don’t lead to life-threatening withdrawals can be excruciating to kick. A doctor trained in drug addiction recovery can make the process more comfortable, so that you’re more likely to follow through with your commitment to quit.

Types of Addiction Recovery Treatment Centers

Drug addiction recovery centers offer two basic forms of treatment once you’ve undergone detox:

  1. Inpatient
  2. Outpatient

Studies show that both can be equally effective for helping you get and stay clean. The main differences are that you live at an inpatient facility and go home at night when you undergo intensive outpatient treatment (IOP). When you need to make a decision about which drug recovery center might work best for you, consider:

  • Your work and if you can afford to take time off
  • Your family needs and whether you need to have their support nearby
  • Your budget
  • How long your addiction has been active
  • Whether you’ve tried a certain type of treatment in the past
  • What kind of insurance coverage you have

Your treatment team at Pain Physicians NY in Brooklyn can help you determine the best path for you to take to give you the best chance at long-term, sustained drug-free recovery. Get the treatment you need so you can return to a productive life.