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Addiction treatment centers can help you get over the initial trials of your withdrawal. Drug addiction treatment at a trusted drug addiction treatment center helps you gather the tools you need to recover. Treatment for drug addiction often goes smoother in a rehab treatment center that knows how to work with addicts like you or your loved one. Not all rehab treatment centers are alike. Some drug rehab treatment centers only offer inpatient services while other rehab treatment centers in New York, such as Pain Physicians NY, provide intense outpatient services so you can stay in your job and at home while you get the treatment you need.

Addiction treatment centers provide services for people suffering from substance abuse. Addiction treatment is designed to help you or a loved one get off and stay off drugs, discover why you turned to substances in the first place and learn how to live a productive life once again.

A drug addiction treatment center, commonly referred to as a rehab treatment center or simply rehab, typically provides a slate of services that may include:

  • Medical supervision for drug detoxes
  • Individualized therapy
  • Group sessions facilitated by trained rehab treatment professionals
  • Family counselling to educate your support system about the disease of addiction and the risks associated with relapse
  • Relapse prevention suggestions
  • Introductions to community services and 12-step addiction recovery meetings
  • Help with finding housing or stable employment
  • Medical treatment for co-occurring conditions

Rehab Treatment Centers in New York

Treatment for drug addiction in Brooklyn is available throughout New York City. You can find a number of drug rehab treatment centers, making it easier to find one that suits your needs or the needs of a loved one. But Pain Physicians NY is staffed with trained professionals and doctors.

You can get equally excellent services through inpatient rehab treatment centers as you can from an exceptional outpatient rehab. Consider various situations and conditions when you begin looking for drug addiction treatment, such as:

  • How closely you need to be monitored
  • If you have other medical conditions that may lead to a risky detox
  • Whether or not you’ve undergone addiction recovery in the past
  • Your employment situation
  • Your budget and/or insurance coverage
  • Your need for support to remain nearby

Find the Best Rehab Treatment Center

Doctors and therapists are trained in various kinds of drug addiction therapy modalities for most of the substances that lead to addiction. And while many of the treatments follow similar routes, you may be most comfortable when you know that your addiction treatment counselor has experience in the substance with which you struggle most.

At the same time, when you attend group sessions during your outpatient treatment for drug addiction, it helps to know that others in the group share similar experiences with the same kinds of substances and circumstances. Being able to relate to others and sharing your struggles plays a significant role in your chances of long-term recovery.

A Drug Addiction Treatment Center for You

Rehab treatment centers in New York like Pain Physicians NY offer you the services of a qualified drug addiction treatment medical doctor (MD), a necessary precaution during detox. You can also get guidance from a trained, experienced counselor and fellowship with like-minded peers.

The staff and clients at your Brooklyn rehab treatment center have experience in:

Improve Your Odds for Recovery

The success rates for overcoming the disease of addition are difficult to measure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes that close to 90 percent of those who need rehab treatment unfortunately don’t receive it. As a result, nearly 120 people die in the United States every day due to drug overdoses, so it’s a national crisis.

Addiction treatment centers may tout their success rates, but those typically only cover the number of people who complete their programs. With relapse a constant threat, former addicts need peer support and mentorship to stay clean over time. The 12-step programs report that about 30 percent of those who enter their meetings remain clean and sober for five years or more.

Find the combination of people and programs you need. Coupled with your own willingness to stop the vicious cycle of addiction that has the potential to end your life, you have a fighting chance. Give yourself that chance!