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Vivitrol for addiction treatment is an option at Pain Physicians NY, a team experienced in using Vivitrol for alcohol treatment and Vivitrol for opioid treatment. When you commit to alcohol rehab or opiate rehab at one of New York’s finest opiate addiction rehab centers, you’re provided with a number of options to ensure that your recovery is successful in both the short-term and the and long-term.

A detox from opiatesalcohol detox or any other kind of withdrawal period from legal or illegal drugs is difficult in itself. First you have the uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous physical side effects of drug detoxing to experience. Then you must contend with the mental obsession that follows.

When you rely on professionals at addiction treatment centers, such as Pain Physicians NY, your opiate rehab, alcohol treatment or outpatient rehabilitation from other substances goes much smoother. You have a much better chance at success when you visit an opiate addiction rehab center.

Vivitrol for Addiction Treatment

Under your doctor’s supervision, medication can help with your alcohol rehab and opiate detoxing. Drugs such as methadone and Suboxone have been the go-to prescriptions for years helping addicts overcome serious addictions. And they work very well. Unfortunately, you’ll need to undergo methadone detox or Suboxone detox once you’re ready to quit taking those medications.

Suboxone treatment and methadone treatment then carry their own set of challenges as your opiate rehab continues. Vivitrol for alcohol treatment and Vivitrol for opioid treatment relies on a non-addictive substance that actually blocks the high you get from taking those substances to which you’ve become addicted.

The FDA and Vivitrol for Alcohol Treatment

Vivitrol is a prescription drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of dependence to alcohol. Vivitrol for alcohol treatment is effective only after you’ve already undergone alcohol withdrawal and are no longer drinking.

Vivitrol for addiction treatment as part of your alcohol rehab is best used in conjunction with alcohol addiction therapy and counselling, according to the FDA. Naltrexone, the active ingredient in Vivitrol for alcohol treatment, can cause liver damage, so if you’ve been drinking heavily for years, your doctor first makes sure you don’t have any signs of liver disease.

Success of Vivitrol for Opioid Treatment

The FDA provides similar warnings and approval ratings for Vivitrol for opioid treatment. You must be totally free from heroin, prescription drugs or other opiates before taking Vivitrol.  Your physician ensures you’re drug-free before prescribing the injectable medication.

One of the biggest dangers of continued opioid use after beginning Vivitrol for addiction treatment is that it’s too easy to overdose, or take too much, since the medication effectively blocks the effects of the opiate drugs. It’s vital that you seek drug addiction therapy in concert with a Vivitrol regimen.

Uses and Risks

Vivitrol for addiction treatment is injected into your buttocks by a doctor or nurse at your outpatient rehab center once a month. Once you’re injected, the medication cannot be taken out of your system, which is why it’s tantamount that you remain drug-free during the treatment. If you get in an accident or need medical care during the month, you must tell the healthcare provider that you’re on Vivitrol because you won’t feel the effects of any opioid pain relievers or anesthesia.

The FDA warns that you aren’t a good candidate for Vivitrol for addiction treatment if you:

  • Have kidney or liver disease
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are going through any drug withdrawals

Until you know how the medication affects you, it’s advised that you don’t drive or operate machinery because you may experience side effects associated with Vivitrol. Your side effects may include:

  • Depression
  • Allergic reaction
  • Pneumonia
  • Nausea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dizziness
  • Joint pain
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches

Rely on Your Opiate Addiction Rehab Center

The most effective treatment for opioid or alcohol addiction is a complete, comprehensive plan that includes medication, counseling, group support and lifestyle changes. Successful recovery includes the whole family as well as community support, often through 12-Step recovery programs. Long-term recovery also requires a commitment to stay clean and sober, a vital component of productive Vivitrol for addiction treatment.

Since it’s not just one more drug to abuse, Vivitrol gives you the time you need to settle into a new life, free of substance abuse. You can stop taking the drug at any time with no side effects when you stay involved with your alcohol rehab and opiate rehab team.